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You don’t have to worry. We have you covered!

B.C. Used Cars is renowned as the largest and best used car dealership on Okinawa serving the American military community for 50 years and has also established a name synonymous with reliability and reputation. At B.C. Used Cars, customer satisfaction is our main priority. To provide driving needs and peace of mind for our customers we built a brand new service center equipped with state of the art machinery and automated lifters to facilitate our growing customer base. We pioneered the 2 year warranty service because we have the technical know how and professional capabilities to provide the utmost care and repair services your vehicle might require during your stay here on Okinawa.

What is Covered?

Engine Components, Transmission, A/C System, Electrical System, Tires and Oil changes. We have included a full maintenance package that includes oil change and we will check your car too for oil leaks, boots, undercarriage and a diagnostic check if need be. The reason why we are doing this is so we can prepare your car for the next J.C.I worry free. During the 2 year warranty we will also include some of the expandable parts like light bulbs, power windows, switches, battery & brake pads but with these expendable parts it will vary with the type of problem it originated from. The garage will decide if it will be covered under the scope of the warranty.


Optional parts, Accessories, Fluids, Upholstery, Vinyl, Bodywork/Paint, Exterior Parts, Trim & Ornamentation, Lubricants, Coolants, Wheels/Rims, Wheel Alignments & Balance (caused by accidents and replaced rims or tires). After-Market Parts, Glass, Keys, Audio/Visual Equipment, Speakers, Windshield, Convertible Tops or Assemblies, Weather Stripping, Lenses, Tune-ups.

We do our best to provide reliable loaner cars to our customers (based on availablility) while their vehicles are being repaired or serviced.

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