SALES: 098-932-6651

Insurance: 098-930-1585

GARAGE(Rental Car) :

Phone : 098-938-0302

Best customer service in Okinawa

Since 1968. we have been providing the American and Japanese community with the best quality service and support. Our friendly staff will help you to make your Okinawa life comfortable. In the end of February 2016, we have been offering a 2 year warranty instead of only 1 year. We are doing this because we now have the ability to back-up our warranty. We are confident of this because of our new garage, the new equipment we now have, and of course our qualified mechanics. Also, during the course of 2 year warranty period, we will provide a free oil and oil filter service. You just bring your car to the service center every 6 months and we will take care of the rest.

Warranty Service

  • 2 year warranty (Parts and Labor)
    • Engine
    • Power Train
    • Brake System
    • Air Conditioning & Heating System
    • Electrical & Safety Systems
    •  Car battery & Tires (Normal wear and tear)
  • Free towing service for warranty repair
  • Free loaner car (reservation required)

Main Office

  • Car Sales
  • Title Transfer
  • Insurance
  • Junking & De-registration

Chatan Branch

  • Car Sales
  • Title Transfer

Garage Service

We have our own Government of Japan Designated Garage.

  • Car maintenance
  • Pre JCI/JCI inspection
  • Auto repair
  • Junking & De-registration
  • Paint and Body Work
  • Towing service
  • Repair/body work estimate
  • Order parts

B.C. USED CARS just built a new Service Center equipped with state-of-the- art equipment, 12 ample lifts and space to make your visit quick and easy whether it be a small repair, engine problem, body work or a J.C.I inspection. We have got you covered.

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