SALES: 098-932-6651

Insurance: 098-930-1585

GARAGE(Rental Car) :

Phone : 098-938-0302

Purchasing Process


■Letter of Attorney (Notarized at Camp Foster Vehicle Registration Office)

■Military I.D. (Registered at Camp Foster Vehicle Registration Office)

■SOFA driver’s license

■PCS Order (if it’s your first car on Okinawa)

■Down Payment in U.S. Dollars (*Sorry $100 bills NOT accepted)

1. You can buy a car before you have these requirements however this is just a list of what you must bring so we can register the vehicle for you. Please bring these requirements a head of time when you come to buy your vehicle in order to make the process smoother.

2. After your have brought back all the above required things to B.C., we can then schedule your vehicle for JCI Inspection and then register it for you. We need 2 to 3 working days (excluding Japanese and American holidays and weekends) to get your vehicle ready for pick up.

4. On the scheduled date, B.C. will call you between 16:00-18:00 to let you know the pick up time.

5. After you pick up your vehicle from B.C., please go to the Camp Foster Vehicle Registration Office to pick up your Road Tax Sticker and Military Registration Certificate.


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