SALES: 098-932-6651

Insurance: 098-930-1585

GARAGE(Rental Car) :

Phone : 098-938-0302

Company Profile

Company Outline

Trade Name:  B.C. Used Cars Corporation

President:  Isao Oshiro

Address of Main Office: 4-23-42 Uechi Okinawa City Okinawa, Japan

Address of Chatan Branch: 1-1-14 Mihama Chatan Okinawa, Japan

Address of Garage: 4-49-15 Chibana Okinawa City Okinawa, Japan


Why choose Us

 Best Warranty

Unbeatable 2 year bumper to bumper warranty. Backed by our newly built state of the art garage.

 No Hidden Costs

2 year JCI, current Road Tax and Sales Tax included.

 Flexible Payment

0% interest in house financing for up to 24 months.

 Easy & Convenient

We take care of all the registration process for you. Insurance agents available in store.

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